About Pinfeather

Even before Pinfeather had a name, Fresh on The Net described the trio’s sound as ‘A little slice of heaven’. The earliest murmurs of
Pinfeather stretch back to the city of Groningen in the north of the Netherlands, where the three members, Netherlands natives Marije de Vries
Masha Schenkel and the British Jeremy Johnson were to meet through the flourishing yet underground Dutch music scene.

Although individually recognised singer-songwriters in their own right, the three Pinfeather members had been
working together for several years before coming together during 2020 to explore co-writing.
This co-writing project would evolve into Pinfeather and lead to their first dedicated release in 2022.

Born from the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic as a calming antidote to the confusion and uncertainty,
Pinfeather is made all the more remarkable considering the three songwriter’s geographical separation. Split between Canada,
the Netherlands and the UK, the project is a modern marvel of intercontinental collaboration.

With echoes of Iron and Wine, The Staves and Bon Iver, but with a sonorous dream-like quality of their own making,
Pinfeather is set to be a soothing and welcome addition to the European alt and contemporary folk scene.

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